Tuesday, 8 February 2011

They're following us....

Firstly thanks for your Pick O' Pants!! The Magpie is a much underated corvid. Fact O' the Fatty... did you know that the Latin name for Magpie is Pica Pica? So Pants' last post title could have added a little geeky birdy wit had he called it Pica the Pants!!
Sorry for that - not well just at the moment - the mind is bruised.
On that note went to the bosom of the family for some R&R down in Wirral and would you believe it saw a female Hen Harrier out at Burton Marshes. (They're following us around now!!)
Some pictures attached to prove to the sceptics that it was a Hen not a Marsh. On way home we went via Leighton Moss and read that the otter had been seen a couple of times. Waited excitedly to no avail but got a long distance glimpse of a red deer hind in the tall grass right across the lake.
Adding too, a picture of a coot who looks like he's auditioning for the Natalie Portman role in Black Swan. There's a female golden eye and a goldfinch too just for the hell of it.

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