Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Here hare here

Yesterday was pretty dark 'n' dismal but we set out on a safari early before the rain really hit. Wandered over barn owl hill/hen harrier walk but no sign of the HHs and now we regretfully are beginning to suspect they have left for higher ground as is their wont.
Nearer to home we stopped to look for hares. I was snapping a far away curlew in one field and turned to walk towards Pants who had camera at ready over a gate into a field further up. I crept up towards him and he turned to me and did the funniest thing. Now you need to find somewhere private and with a mirror here.... now pretend that you are turning to your pal and emphatically (as though shouting) but with no sound, mouth the word HARE. Take a look at the effect and I think you'll see it is rather daft!! As I crept towards Pants he was making this ridiculous face at me repeatedly - clearly concerned I hadn't understood but increasingly desperate for me to be aware that there was a hare directly in front of him, whilst not disturbing the beastie.
Hares, especially in poor light, are very difficult to shoot- they seem either to lie in and are hard to spot (looking like lumps of grass or mole hills) or they are dashing away from you at huge speeds. This results in the two types of photos above...neither particularly brilliant i must say.
Also a squirrel with a very ratty looking face taken the other day and published here for you to go "Eeew!"

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