Monday, 14 February 2011

Stoatally awful photos!

Is there anything more difficult to photograph than a stoat whizzing about in the grass when there is something in the foreground that your camera can't help but focus on instead? We saw a stoat in its winter coat a few weeks back near Newton, Forest of Bowland, and that time we were in the car, so my camera decided to focus on the dirty windscreen rather than out the window.

These shots were taken in Great Langdale campsite a couple of days ago. I watched the stoat from near our tent, without my camera, which was in the tent itself. The stoat vanished, so I went in and grabbed the camera, crossing my fingers that it would make a re-appearance. Amazingly it did, and I took a few shots - unfortunately between the stoat and I was a tree, a fence, and a wall. The camera quite happily focused on all of these. Everything but the stoat in its winter coat.

It vanished again, so I made my way to a spot where I could take a clean shot whereupon it came into view again, shot me a look before I could raise my camera, and then popped down a hole....


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