Thursday, 3 March 2011

Back up Barn Owl Hill

Just trolling over Barn Owl Hill in ever decreasing light and weird misty evening gloaming, and saying, having scanned the usual haunts at 5.30pm, "Nah......maybe during a nice late light evening in April-May-June, we could sit out at 9ish and see a busy parent out hunting, but for now...... OH MY GOD!! There she be!" (or he... we cannot claim to be expert at sexing a dim lit flying barny- even Collins Complete Guide to British Birds doesn't go near to explaining the differences)
Anyway great viewing lasting a good 15 minutes as ...IT flew over the fields on both sides and into and out of conifer woodland and landed on a post in a copse of broadleaf leafless youthful trees. We managed to take some pretty close quarter shots of it -you get close the light's bad; the light's good you don't get close!! La di da!!
Anyway a few shots that make us smile happily. Did we say we lurve barn owls...
Who couldn't?

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  1. I am going to vote "SHE" due to the buff colour of the throat, the dark barring of the primary feathers and the dark colours across the wing coverts - see
    Love Littlest Sis