Monday, 27 October 2014

Hurricane Season hits Applecross

Just had another much needed break in Applecross. Sadly the whole place was a bit of a hurricane graveyard and the weather was appalling most days. Though it meant photography was challenging we still managed to get out and about and enjoy the drenchings and the winds every day. Luckily on the first morning whilst sitting at the breakfast table enjoying a bacon butty and a cuppa I glanced out the window at the surging sea and spotted an otter forging its was through the roaring waves. We all ran out and watched as the poor little chap swam up the face of each new roller and coasted over the other side seemingly heading out further and further with a grim determination. It was hard to keep track of him as some of the chop was deceptively otter shaped. Eventually I caught a glimpse again and this time it looked like the otter was hunting so I thought it may be an idea to walk further down Shore Street towards the Milton and see if he came ashore with a larger catch. This paid off and we got some great views of him eating a fish at a couple of spots on rocks near the pier. Apart from one further, brief sighting near Ard Duhb later that week (where we were well and truly caught out in the open and hence the otter turned tail and did the famous otter disappearing act) this was our only chance to photograph them all week and it was awful lighting (as photos here attest) Apart from that it was great to see dippers, whooper swans, res breasted mergansers, some immense and imperious stags and lots of seals of course. The scenery was spectacular too -WHEN the light broke through and we saw some spectacular rainbows - too perfect and large and bay-straddling to capture with the lens on my camera which is designed for up close personal otter photo-shoots, when they show up. A good time and great crack as ever.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

V for Victory a brief but glorious Hen Harrier sighting

Thrilled to spot a young Hen Harrier yesterday. In our own backyard - we haven't seen on for quite a few years. Pictures id'ed it for sure but not going to win wildlife photographer of the year with 'em.