Friday, 9 September 2011

No more Kingfisher beer; now Kingfisher here!

So we didn't see any tigers in India but within days of our return we got (my 10th or 11th) otter. (Oh golly I'm actually beginning to lose count! How awesome is that?)
Then pretty much nothing for a bit as we caught up with family and took boring snaps of humans (sorry family)
We did get out in an oasis of fine weather and watched a Kingfisher hunting on the Ribble near Chatburn. Huge relief as we hadn't seen one all spring and summer and had fears that our autumn birds had perished during the frozen river, snow bound winter.
Pictures are still rubbish (though must admit that when we started out a year ago - we would have been delighted with the relative clarity we got here)
Please remember we are mainly walkers with cameras who love wildlife. We haven't the time, sadly, to sit in hides and wait. Everything we capture is a snapshot by keen bean amateurs on the hoof.

PS: REMEMBER - our useless shots can be seen in larger uselessness by clicking on the images..

PPS: This is a boy - I do believe?!