Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sparrowhawk or Goshawk

Saw this bird sweep in across the river Hodder and dive to grab a rook (in a group, all standing, in an open field) All the rooks flew up with a big racket and chased the predator who flew into a lone tree in the field) We watched from the rear patio of the Inn at Whitewell, Forest of Bowland.
Easily spotted bird in the tree and one of the photos is not even cropped. We think it is a goshawk (could be female sparrowhawk BUT really try and look at the feet and the big pantaloons- spoken like a real birder there)
C'mon Goshawk in Whitewell valley? Totally possibly. Would a female sphk swoop out of a woodland across a river and open field on chance of nabbing one rook out of a sitting flock? Unless she had young (too early) this seems a bit of a gamble doncha think?
Sorry pics are not great but comments welcome.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The elusive wren building a nest

Caught this little chap frantically redecorating a hole in a tree with lichen and moss, ready for a new family later this spring.

Wren's we have found are difficult difficult lemon difficult to photograph as they flit so quickly and unexpectedly around the leaf litter and twigs.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Barn Owls again

In a rush to get some fresh air this evening before the dark and promised rain arrived. Not really expecting to see a barn owl when of course.. we saw a beautiful bird hunting in the orchard area on the old familiar spot of "Barn Owl Hill"

It landed on a post and quietly posed for us as we peered over the wall. So heart soaring again this evening. Can assure you a barn owl a day keeps the blues away!

Tree Creeper and Hares

After a hellish week in bed with flu followed by a mad rush to get some work done before going to Brussels for a course it was great to get a gorgeous sunny day at Leighton Moss yesterday. All eerily quiet in that strange way before the full on energy of spring. We did see a bittern though and a stoat and lots of hares on the way there.
Probably best shots were of the smaller birds in woody area near Lilians. Tree creepers living up to their names everywhere.