Friday, 25 February 2011

Marsh Harriers and loved up geese

Mild and sunny(ish) yesterday so headed to Leighton Moss where the spring air seems to be getting wildfowl in the mood for love - though they like it rough and ready out there it must be said. Picture attached of one female (at least one hopes its female) who looks well and truly goosed!! The greylags amused by doing frequent victory roles after coupling- literally onto backs with legs waving in the air.
Great excitement when Pants noticed a marsh harrier hunting over the far reed beds. Bigger than the Hen Harrier and with noticeably extended talons making for some dramatic shapes above the reeds. We took some snaps but the hazy woodland back drop and the distance from the bird makes them fairly blurred. We wandered over to Lower Hide next and it was packed. Half term attempts to enthuse the next generation- very noble and it needs to happen but soooo frustrating when we spotted the Marsh Harrier again and couldn't get the close to shots becaus little jimmy and little johnny are sitting in prime place burbling away and playing some game on their mobile phones. They are lucky it wasn't an oter I was trying to photograph or there would have been blood (seemingly I have officially become a cantankerous barren 40 odd year old hag!!)
Ayway despite these frustrations we got a few pictures which at least demonstrate the shape and colour and size of the bird (if not the features) Stunning beastie and we're thrilled to know that chances are on that she will stay at Leighton for summer now.

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