Thursday, 17 February 2011

Half Term = Harrier Walk

Yesterday provided us with the best weather we can expect this half term hols so we decied to stride out and do the Hen Harrier Walk again.
Stunning day and within minutes we were coatless and hatless and enjoying some warm rays.
Also great to see lots of early signs of the (pray soon) spring time. Snow drops seem to have emerged in last 10 days or so and are everywhere. Daffodil leaves are up and hopefully next month should see them bloom.
The Whitewell skies were full of the sound of lapwing, curlew and oystercatchers back inland for the spring again. Also saw a couple of goosander, a hare and the ubiquitous kes and buzz. Really nice walk rounded off with a pint of Hen Harrier to make up for the fact that they have well and truly left the vicinity now. (its weeks since we saw one on this stretch)
Off to Conwy tomorrow for a weekend with family so maybe a chance for some new and interesting stuff (RSPB Conwy beckons!)

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