Sunday, 13 February 2011

Camping in lake (erm Lakes)

Camped in Langdale this weekend. Couple of nice days and a good walk. Plenty of fine ales (Coniston Bluebird, Hawkshead Red) and some interesting culinary delights like my home made smoked mackeral pate and the ODG's chilli and chips.. filling!
Didn't expect to see the otter who visits the ferry pier on Windermere in Ambleside.... so we weren't disappointed when we in fact didn't see the otter who visits the ferry pier on Windermere in Ambleside!
Pants took some shaky shots of a white stoat running about near the stream where we camped. There were early bats buzzing about outside the ODG and lots of tawney owls twit twooing but not much else of interest.
Spent lots of morning breakfast times photographing chaffinches and blue tits who became increasingly brave in coming right up to us to eat the crumbs we put down.
Woke this morning to the sound of rain (which we had all night) and unsurprisingly discovered we were camping in a lake and that the campsite was flooded out. A very speedy de-camp was called for, leaving us soaked through and with no option but to head home.

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