Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Stumbling across Roe Deer in a Bowland forest.

We were walking in a small forest near Whitewell when I turned a corner and noticed a brown shape up ahead. I soon realised it was a roe deer with its back to me and so I stood stock still, and started to take photos. It turned and faced me, and looked inquisitive, but apparently couldn't see me and I must have been downwind. For what seemed like ages, it was looking directly at me but didn't move as I kept taking more shots. I took 20 in all. It could hear Jo walking nearby, but couldn't see her as she'd yet to turn the corner.

Suddenly a second roe deer came out of the woods and started to graze. When Jo came into sight, they turned and fled. I was just incredibly lucky that it initially had its back to me and that I was downwind or all I would have had would be a blurry photo of a roe deer's backside.

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