Monday, 31 October 2011

What's the story from Bala... erm ahem Tobermory?

Amazing week on Isle of Mull. We based ourselves in Tobermory in a small cabin behind the Western Isles Hotel. Really it was simply a base for us; grateful not to be camping in such inclement weather.

First day we wandered over to Calgary Bay and had a planned scoping route which was ruined by picking up a hitcher (thankfully not Rutger Hauer!) A very nice Bristolian travelling on her own steam with an ultimate goal of walking back to Bristol in time for Christmas. Madness- but no apparent axe!!

Monday morning we set off by 7.30am as we did each day bar Weds. We spotted from the car a loan hunting otter about 3.30pm in heavy heavy rain. Spent almost two hours with him (I assume him, based on nothing scientific whatsoever) Awesome but crap weather.

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