Monday, 31 October 2011

Day three - tracks and signs blurred by hangover induced late start

So exhaulted were we by having already spent 3 hours over 2 sightings of four otters we slurped alittle too heavily on our holiday bottle of Caol Ila and decided to lie in to all of 8am on Weds. We pottered back to Calgary Bay and searched up the right hand side for signs and tracks.
The day saw nothing particularly exciting in terms of wildlife but gave us an opportunity to ponder on the deep, almost spiritual sensation of finding tracks and signs of these playful, skillful, beautiful animals. The touch of our own digit pads in their sandy pad signs only hours later on a deserted beach or the so obvious emerald tussoch of vegetation jutting into the smellways of any swimming lutrine personality wandering down a seawards river or around a small lochan... It really gave us the feeling of being so tantalising close to our beloved quarry.
Some signs and tracks for your perusal and hopefully future use when tracking..

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