Monday, 31 October 2011

Eagles and otters of Mull

Day 4 on Big Otter Island! Awoke early, sandwiches packed and ready and on the road by 7.20am.

Bethought ourselves to head back via Loch Scridon and then take a right hand turn to Crasaig and see what was to be seen there. Stopped at the loch and went for walk towards incoming tide and where we had initially seen three otters together two days earlier. We sawa seal and the ubiquitous heron or zillion! Wandered back carwards, Simon toi tuck into his snadwiches and me for a fag. About to pack away and drive on (Si in passenger seat and me packing stuff behind driver's seat) when out of the corner of my disbelieving eye I sight two otters swimming together- where the **** did they come from?

We both hopped out and watched, photoraphed the pair, hunting and landing variety of grub on small islands where savoury items were devoured. The light was appalling being early the otters were mainly silhouettes aginst a bright golden sea. Still we enjoed watching some great behaviour for well over an hour and half before the swam so far out of our range we gave up.

We got to Carsaig to discover 4 eagles. (general consensus was 4 golden eagles though I am not entirely convinced all four were golden) Anyway some shots here.. Some amazing displays by 3 - could have been two adults and a juvy but not sure about the earlier sighting of 4 who was the fourth? Could they have raised two young that survived and if so why was only one hanging around with them? Check out he rather distant snaps (sorry even full range the 400 mm lense wasn't picking up too much detail against the sky)

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