Monday, 31 October 2011

The tale of three otters a big splash for expensive lens and dead seal on Iona

Tuesday saw us up bright and early and away for 7.30am heading twards the south and Iona.

I dropped my 100-400mm USm Canon lens in a muddy puddle the day before whilst checking out a sprainting point! Heart stopping and potentially excruciatingly expensive few moments ensued but managed to clean and dry the stuff out overnight and was praying it had worked when we stopped at Loch Scridon to scour the shore and sea for otters.

We had walked a while up and down some prime territory and at together at once saw (we think) two different otters at the same time. Simon's was launching itself from land to sea and mine was swimming and we both almost similtaneously thought we saw two together when we saw the second or was it third. Another hour and 15 had us in soaking rain, desperately trying to protect my so recently dried out lense as we followed a gambolling family of three in torrential rain- swim, hunt and mainly play in the shallows and in the shoreedge seaweed. So the pictures of this encounter must count amongst our dire worst but the experience far outweighs the visual evidence in this case. Watching three otters tussle and play in and out of the water and bounce along the seaweed. Such a great priviledge.
The pictures are rubbish but show three otters swimming together and in one the three: one in bottom right corner eating (with a crow near) and the other two heads in top left corner swimming out to hunt some more.

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