Saturday, 15 October 2011

Marsh Harrier attacks... bullrush(?) at Leighton Moss

Fkying visit to Leighton Moss on Thursday (just cannot seem to find proper time to have a break away at the moment) Sat for the longest while watching zillions of coots and not much else from Lower Hide when suddenly much quacking and flapping signalled the arrival of a sparrow hawk - way too quick to snap but then a young marsh harrier appeared and gave us some views.

It then swept down on something on far bank. It was hopping about and we thought it had captured something but it looks from my blurry far away shots as though it was attaching a bullrush! The pictures show it trying to fly off with bullrush clasped in talons. Bizarre! Perhaps practising?

Anyway a few snaps of the harrier here and one of a coupling pair of migrant hawkers.

Of to Mull nex Saturday (a week's time we'll be eating fish'n'chips on Tobermory harbour & hoping to catch a glimpse of resident otter! Joy!!!

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