Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bittern by the punning bug

AGH! We love Leighton Moss we seriously do- but my oh my the need to pun is relentless. That said .... It is very hard not to when you're dealing with otters and bitterns.
Yesterday was absolutely stunning, frosty, crisp with blue skies and gorgeous sunlight. Unfortunately it was also packed at Leighton Moss. Of course that is great for RSPB and for the many many people enjoying the fantastic sights of our fave reserve but selfishly it was also a bit of a squeeze and the noise levels get out of control. We had some good views of bitterns and harrier and a fleeting view of the otters but left early (about 2.15) :-(
Saw the barn owl on Barn Owl hill the other evening - stunning views of him/her hunting in the pinky gold of the setting sun. Too far for pictures of any quality but great to see.

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