Monday, 9 January 2012

Beautiful day otter watching at Leighton Moss

Despite driving through fog over the moors this morning today turned out to be glorious and we had a stunning day at the Moss.

No bittern today but otters everywhere. Firstly we saw three together from public, we watched until they headed into the reeds and then scooted around to Lower hide in time to see them again right in pool before us. Saw all 5 there. Anyway watched them for a while before the disappeared into the reeds again. Entertained by the marsh harrier until out popped the romp again and we got another hour or so viewing. Finally they disappeared as my fingers began to give up the ghost from cold.
We pottered back to Public hide enjoying the golden light and found that the family had arrived just before us and were playing and hunting right in front of public hide again. So we got some lovely views in the early evening sunlight.
Before we called it a day we caught the starlings doing their thing against a beautiful sky.

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