Monday, 23 January 2012

All hail the Shorty

Took a look at East Lancs Ornithologists this morning to see where Short-eared owls have been spied recently in Forest of Bowland. Ended up on Mr Brian Rafferty's awesome blog and wept at the sheer sharp brilliance and beauty of his Shorty shots. Moved almost to tears of desire for a similar shorty experience (forgetting our photographic skills fall so far short of Mr R's!!) We zoomed off to Wirral and Burton Marsh. Had a super day walking, lunching at the great Boat House in Parkgate and a swift pint at the Harp on Neston Marsh. Finally we spied our Shorty. Alas it was a bit too far out, the light was failing and it was ruddy freezing.. All these excuses but essentially the skills are so far wanting on Mr Rafferty. :-(
Still a Short-eared owl (oh how I lurve them so)

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