Friday, 28 January 2011

Hare today...

Up early and it was a stunning day o we thought we'd head over to Leighton Moss via the moors. We had a cracking opp to catch two hares running along the road. Unfortunately our car windows are bust and Pants valiantly attempted to shot them (with a lens you understand) through the windscreen but the results were disappointing. We leapt out living doors open etc... (starsky and hutch style wildlife watching) managed a couple of shots though the hares were hiding in the grass (they are so well camoflaged in there)

Got to Leighton Moss and it was almost warm in the sun, no wind and fab lighting. Sadly nothing much was happening though we had some great opportunities to photograph a rather grumpy heron. Really good day out though.

Hope you enjoy these pictures... sure Pants will post some of his best too soon.

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