Friday, 28 January 2011

Bad news drove me wild...

Talk about a bad day in the office. Yesterday I got a kick in the guts- not going in to it here. Anyways... decided to clear my head and go wild. Pants was out so I hopped in the car packed my new super lens and bethought me a safari over Barn Owl Hill and over to top of Harrier Walk.

The Barn Owl was nowhere to be seen but I hadn't expected it really. Drove over the top and stopped the car in our usual spot. I spent two hours up there clearing my head and trying to forget the hurts of life by concentrating all my thoughts on the cold wind and stunning scenary. Was about to give up when I saw the Male Hen Harrier- fired off a few shots but he was just too far away and being hassled by crows. Went for a walk down the lane to see if I could see him on the other side of the wood- nada. Walked back up the hill and thought I'll have a smoke by the gate and ...lo and behold there he was again. He was being mobbed this time by what I THINK was a buzzard (at first I thought I was seeing him with the female but she has a distinctive white rump- my pictures aren't very clear but I think this was actually a buzzard) As I've said before it's a raptor hot spot up there.

Anyway some pictures...

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