Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday feathered friends

Good day out again yesterday. Weather looked a bit suspect but turned out great. Saw a white stoat and experienced some frustration trying to snap him from car window- impossible to focus as he ran along the hedge and eventually disappeared down a hole. The view of him was fantastic it was just too difficult to folow his bouncy movements in between roots in and out of camera focus.

Later we saw the male harrier again and trudged up over some boggy moorland for a closer view and of course lost sight of him before the top.

Then to our enormous pleasure we saw a female Hen Harrier quartering the grassy moorland on opposite side of the lane and followed her progress all the way down the hill and then all the way back up (v. tiring trying to run back up the steep lane, bobbing our heads over the wall to check her progress) Again frustrating photographic experience as the wall was high and at one crucial point where she came close, she was just too near the top of the wall which kept picking up as the main focus leaving the bird blurred. Grrr. Still once again the pics clearly show her for what she is.

Very excited to see both male and female up there and hope that come spring we'll get some sky dancing from these beautiful birds.

Enjoy the pictures (for what they are!)

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