Thursday, 19 July 2012

Short Eared Owls on Mull

We were also chuffed to see so many short eared owls after really going out of our way to find some all winter. We had some amazing days watching 2 adults and a young one hunting around one area high in the hills. The youngster was hiding in the long grasses and making a skshhing noise and at one point just flew out suddenly surprising the socks off us. One day we spotted a lone shorty and pulled over as it landed right in front of us on the road side. I love these owls- the have peirot type eyes and in flight can look sort of fruit bat-ish (think it is the way the wings are shaped and so little tail) Also saw zillions of very noisy buzzards - always lovely to see buzzards! Here's a photo of a buzzard too partly in celebration of the recent U turn of plans for DEFRA to research culling them!!! Phew!


  1. May I ask where the short eared owls where that you saw? I have tried to see them on Mull a lot but only had 2 very distant views

  2. We have seen them on pass over towards Loch Scridon from Craignure and also further around between Calgary and Ulva ferry area. Summer though on the aforementioned pass was where we saw a lot and had good viewings. Good luck