Friday, 27 July 2012

Osprey at Esthwaite Water

Short break in Lakes with the family and we were so much hoping to see our first osprey (a pair have nested near Esthwaite this year) Spent 40 mins standing on the shore being eaten by midgies before recognizing that it was just such poor light anyway.

Today we hired a row boat for an hour and with much squealing and panicking of nervous sailors in our midst and much jumping and wriggling from our canine friends on board set forth for new shores.

We spied a couple of birds we thought might be our culprit but on closer inspection they were buzzards with feathers missing from tails and wings making them look different. Suddenly whilst admiring the crested grebes and chicks we saw the Osprey above us. Clear to id with the naked eye, it soared higher and higher though and we lost it in sun glare.

This picture at least shows what it is and has left me desperate to see another on closer.

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