Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Barn owl for the soul

Feeling the January Blues? Got a cold? Pay day still too far away? What you need, what everyone needs is a Barn Owl. The sight of a wild Barn Owl hunting is a wonderful pick me up. It makes the soul soar and the heart race and you can't help but smile broadly at the privilege of seeing this silent hunter go about his day. We went out into a snowy landscape yesterday, determind to see a Barny. We searched all our usual favourite spots and eventually struck gold when we saw not one but two owls in beautiful low late afternoon sunlight hunting the moor. They were quite far away and we couldn't get any closer but we watched them flying in and out of the barn and hunting for about 30 minutes and took a few hopeful shots. On the way home we saw a third owl also out and making the most of some NON rainy weather to stock up on voles. Hope you enjoy these snaps

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